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VIP Membership / Reciva Device

How do I setup a Reciva device (such as Grace Digital and Sangean) so I can listen to Live365?

Live365 is proud to partner with Reciva to offer our stations to Live365 VIP members on devices that support Reciva. As a result, you will be able to access Live365 stations on internet radio devices such as Grace Digital and Sangean devices.

To setup your Reciva device, so you can listen to Live365 stations, you will want to:

1) Open the website, http://grace.reciva.com from your internet browser

2) Click on the Register link and follow the on screen instructions to register an account.

Please note, during the registration process, a validation code will be sent to you via email. Please enter this code when prompted to do so.

3) After logging into your account, you will be able to edit your information for My profile, My Stations, My Streams, My Radios and My Podcasts from the left hand side of the website.

4) You can now add your Internet Radio to your account on the website by accessing the My Radios link. From the My Radios section, you will need to enter your radio's eight digit serial number, which can be found from the <Settings> <Version> menu on the radio.

When in the <Version> menu please rotate the menu knob left or right until <Serial Number> shows on the display.

You will also need to enter in your radio's seven digit registration code, which can be found from the 'Settings' then turn the 'Select' knob until the register choice is active. Push the 'Select' knob in order to obtain your registration number .

Reciva devices work best when used with a Live365 VIP Membership. If you sign in as a free listener, you may be able to access a select number of stations, but you may not have access to all stations after an initial trial period unless you setup a Live365 VIP Membership.

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to contact Live365 Customer Service.

Page last modified on July 09, 2013, at 05:28 PM