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How do I set up a broadcast using SAM Broadcaster?

If you want to broadcast your station to Live365 using SAM Broadcast, you will first need to manually set your station to live mode broadcasting. You can do this by logging into your Live365 broadcast account and then going to http://www.live365.com/broadcast.

Once you do this, you can set the encoders on SAM Broadcaster to stream to Live365 by:

  1. Click on the "Desktop B" button
  2. Under the Encoders section, click on the + button.
  3. Select the Plug-in choice for your station. You'll want to decide on the MP3 (Normal) plugin or the MP3PRO plugin.
  4. This will bring up the Streamer Configuration window. Click on the "Converter" tab and select the format that your Live365 station is setup for. You can check on your bitrate settings for your Live365 station here.
  5. Click on the "Server Details" tab and select the "Live365" option. You'll want to enter in the Live365 username and password you use on our website. In the Station Name field, this will become the Title for your station. Also, please make sure that the button next to "Post song data directly to Live365" is selected. This will send any ID3 tag information on your tracks to our servers.
  6. If you want to archive your live show, click on the "Stream Archiver" tab for archiving options on SAM Broadcast.
  7. Once you've edited the configurations to your settings, click on the "OK" button to save your changes.
  8. You should now see an entry in the Encoders section on SAM. Select the encoder you just created, right-click on it and click on "Start". You can tell if you're successfully encoding to us, as a timer will start and document how long you've been connected.

If you see a disconnect message after you try and start your encoder, you'll want to double check and make sure that your Live365 station is set for live mode and that your bitrates match on SAM and for your Live365 account.

Once you get the encoder setup, you can use the sources available to you on SAM to stream your content and we'll receive whatever you send to us.

SPECIAL NOTE: if you have a broadcasting account that uses your email address as the log-in, you will have to use your member_######### username within the encoder on SAM.

How do I update title streaming/song information to Live365 in relay mode? http://support.spacialaudio.com/wiki/How_do_I_update_title_streaming/song_information_to_Live365_in_relay_mode%3F

Page last modified on July 24, 2014, at 05:49 PM